BSCCL Officials

Name Designation/Address Contact No
Own Photo Mr. Mashiur Rahman Managing Director Email: Phone(Office): 8879195
Own Photo Mr. Mirza Kamal Ahmed Project Director, SMW6 Project and General Manager (Admin & Finance) Email:; Phone(Office): 8878055, 01550151315
Own Photo Mr. Md. Shohidul Islam General Manager(P&D) Email: Phone (Office): 8878070, 01550151318
Own Photo Mr. Md. Abdus Salam Khan Company Secretary Email : Phone(Office): 8879240, 01552369905
Own Photo Mr. Provash Chandra Bhattacharjee Deputy General Manager(Procurement & Logistics) , Additional: General Manager (O&M) Email :, , Phone(Office): 8879194, 015501513
Own Photo Mr. Mohammad Zakirul Alam Deputy General Manager (Planning & Development), GM(Marketing & Sales), Add. Charge Email : Phone(Office): 8879242,01911328001
Own Photo Mr. Shukanta Kumar Debnath Deputy General Manager (Finance & Accounts) Email : Phone(Office): 8879194 , 01716256943
Own Photo Mr. Abdul Wahhab Deputy General Manager (Operation & Maintenance, IIG) Email : Phone(Office): 8878159 , 01755655068
Own Photo Engr. Md. Tariqul Islam Deputy General Manager(Operation & Maintenance, KKT LS) Email: Phone: +880155444555
Own Photo Mr. Md. Ariful Huq Deputy General Manager(Marketing & Sales) Email : Phone(Office): 8878537, 01703587872
Own Photo Mr. Md. Shakawat Hussain Manager (HR&A) Email : Phone(Office): 8879194, 01819723786
Own Photo Mrs. Nazia Hassan Manager (Development) Email : Phone(Office): 8879192 , 01613034877
Own Photo Mr. Muhammad Tajul Islam Manager (Finance & Accounts) Email : Phone(Office): 8879194, 01772684041
Own Photo Mr. Muhammed Shoeb Ali Manager ( Bandwidth Planning) and Deputy General Manager(Bandwidth Planning), additional charge Email : Phone(Office): 8879239, 01911310932
Own Photo Mr. Mohammad Shahadat Hossain Manager (Internal Audit) Email : Phone(Office): 8879239, 01912831327
Own Photo Mr. Md. Arifur Rahman Manager (Operation &Maintenance, IIG) Email : Phone(Office): 8879283, 01775300576
Own Photo Mr. Subram Kishor Das Manger, SMW6 Project, Manager (Estate) , DGM(Operation & Maintenance, COX LS) Additional Charge Email : Phone(Office): 034162167, 01818150059
Own Photo Mr. Md. Soriful Haque Manager (Customer Care) and Deputy General Manager(Customer Care), Additional Charge Email : Phone(Office): 8879192, 01763222555
Own Photo Mr. Mohammad Anisul Islam Manager(Share & legal) Email : Phone(Office): 8879194, 01535468579
Own Photo Mr. Md. Rakibul Hossain Manager(Procurement & Logistics) Email : Phone(Office): 8879239, 01731082332
Own Photo Mr. Uzzal Kumar Saha Manager(Marketing & Sales) Email : Phone(Office): 8879192, 01712648500
Own Photo Mr. Khondker Hayat Mahmud Manager (Operation, Remote Location) Email : Phone(Office): 8879284, 01617608169
Own Photo Mr.Kafil Uddin Manager (Board and Corporate Affairs) Email : Phone(Office): 8879192
Own Photo Mr. Jewel Miah Manager(Operation, COX LS) Email : Phone(Office): 034162167, 01733745775
Own Photo Mr. Sifat Imtiaz Hasan Manager(Maintenance, COX LS) Email : Phone(Office): 034162400, 01819137080
Own Photo Mr. Md. Margoob Mahfuz Manager(Operation, KKT LS) Email : Phone(Office): 8801780039710, 01717374171
Own Photo Mr. H. M. Reza Latif Deputy Manager(Router and Switch) Email : Phone(Office): 034162400, 01616800100
Own Photo Mr. Md. Eastakhar Hasan Deputy Manager(Maintenance, KKT LS), Manager(Maintenance,KKT LS) Add. Charge Email : Phone(Office): 01511455310, 01726455310
Own Photo Mr. Md. Atiqur Rahman Deputy Manager (Accounts, SMC) Email : Phone(Office): 8879194, 01687658107
Own Photo Mr. Al Imran Deputy Manager (HR & Admin) Email : Phone(Office): 8879194, 01917608874
Own Photo Mr. Md. Mohibul Hasan Deputy Manager, SMW6 Project, Deputy Manager (NOC) Additional Charge Email : Phone(Office): 8879283, 01717435786
Own Photo Mr. Mohammad Anwarullah Deputy Manager (Accounts) SMW6 Project, Deputy Manager (Accounts, IIG) Email : Phone(Office): 8879194 ,01717040401
Own Photo Md. Sharif Ahmed Shuvro Deputy Manager (Transmission & Maintenance) Email : Phone(Office): 034162400, 01717768396
Own Photo Mr. Md. Shihab Shahriar Assistant Manager (Operation, COX LS) Email : Phone(Office): 8879283 , 01911288165
Own Photo S.M Khadija Jahan Assistant Manager (Operation, KKT LS) Email : Phone(Office): 8801780039710
Own Photo Mr. Rayhan Mohammed Rahat Assistant Manager (Accounts), COX LS Email : Phone(Office): 01840080636
Own Photo M. Rahatil Ashekin Assistant Manager (billing), Assistant Manager(P&L) Add. Charge Email:; Phone: 01520102640
Own Photo Syed Hassan Shovo Assistant Manager (NOC) Email: Phone(Office): 8879194, 01924735577
Own Photo Helal Jabel-E-Noor Assistant Manager (Operation, COX LS) and Deputy Manager(Operation, COX LS) add. charge Email: Phone(Office): 034162400, 01729992798
Own Photo Mohammad Mashud Nesary Assistant Manager (Operation, KKT LS) Email: Phone: +8801780039710
Own Photo Muntasim-Ul-Haque Assistant Manager (NOC) Email: Phone: +8801780039710
Own Photo Abdur Noor Tusar Assistant Manager (Operation, KKT LS) Email: Phone(Office): 8879194, 8801780039710
Own Photo Md. Fahim Hossain Assistant Manager (Bandwidth Planning) and Assistant Manager(Development) Additional Charge Email: Phone(Office): 8879194, 01891976319
Own Photo Md. Rafatul Islam Khandaker Assistant Manager(Operation, COX LS) Email: Phone: 034162400
Own Photo Md. Muminur Rahman AM, SMW6 Project , AM(ICT), add. charge Email: Phone(Office): 8879194, 01841420994
Own Photo Md. Shahriar Munem Khan Assistant Manager (Operation, Remote Location) Email: Phone(Office): 01776171920
Own Photo Md. Wasim Akram Assistant Security Officer Tel: 0341- 51070
Own Photo Md. Mohaiminul Islam Assistant Manager (Internal Audit), AM(IIG Marketing & Sales), Additional Charge Email: Phone(Office): 8879194, 01678035590
Own Photo Mr. Md. Maruf Hosen Assistant Security Officer E-mail: Phone(Office): 01777-003202
Own Photo Md. Saiful Islam Deputy Assistant Manager (Corporate Affairs), DAM(Transport), Additional Charge Email: Phone: 8879194, 01552338137
Own Photo Sakhawat Hossain Deputy Assistant Manager(Operation, COX LS) Email: Phone(Office): 8879283 , 01680450720
Own Photo Md. Rakanurzaman Royal Deputy Assistant Manager(Operation, KKT LS) Email: Phone: +8801780039710
Own Photo Md. Rezaul Karim Deputy Assistant Manager (Maintenance, KKT LS), Additional Charge Email: Phone: +8801780039710